• Kerry Ingredients global technology and innovation centre with an approx. floor area of 26, 210m2, over four levels and 4 Buildings. Asgard Industrial systems worked closely with the Mechanical Contractor for the supply of Sanha Press fittings / tube and Eltherm Trace heating Systems. Sanha Press fittings and tube in either stainless steel, Copper and Carbon Steel were used throughout the project.

  • Bezier Building Old street London:
    The iconic Bezier building with 200 apartments over 16 floors. Asgard Industrial Systems supplied Sanha Press fittings and tube for this project in Carbon Steel and Pexa as well as Valves and expansion joints.

  • Glasgow Southern General Hospital
    One of the most advanced medical facilities in the world, 14-floor adult hospital with bed capacity of 1,109 and a 5 storey children’s hospital with a 256 bed capacity. Asgard Industrial systems supplied the District heating and cooling / Pre-insulated pipework for this project. Asgard Industrial systems were awarded this project worth approx.. 1 million euros.

  • Sanha Stainless steel Press fittings 316L NIroSan- press Industry with FKM O rings was the preferred pipework choice for a confidential client’s chemical reactor process pipework due to high temperature range of 200 degrees C. 16 bar working pressure and chemical resistance of FKM and stainless steel.