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  • Sanha Press fitting provides a fast efficient, flame free way of joining pipes with a minimal amount of maintenance and manufactured to last many years.

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  • Asgard Industrial Systems Ltd is Ireland’s sole distributers and stockists for Eltherm Trace Heating products and systems in Ireland.

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  • Available in stainless steel, galvanised or primed, a wide range of components is available to meet even the most complex application.

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  • HYDRAQUIP are now recognised as the leading UK manufacturer of bespoke Braided Hoses for industries.

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  • For more than 70 years, Dow Corning has pioneered silicon-based technology with customers in every part of the world. Our technology is at the heart of nearly every major technological advancement the world has experienced during those seven decades of invention.

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  • Molykote® brand lubricants include one of the most complete lines of multi-purpose oils.

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  • For over 85 years Protectoseal has been an industry pioneer and leading manufacturer of quality products that conserve and control volatile emissions and protect low pressure storage tanks, vessels and processes from fire and explosion.

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  • Flexible hoses and special shapes made of reinforced or extruded silicone, as well as technical solutions to convey fluids in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries in aseptic and traceability terms.

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  • Dockweiler has become a leading supplier of high purity stainless steel tubes, hose assemblies, single use components and fittings for the semiconductor, bio technology, pharmaceutical industries. Ranges live up to the highest standards of surface quality and purity whether it is to be used in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical or in the semiconductor industry. True quality makes no compromises.

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